The Power Behind Kundalini Meditation

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Everything and everyone in the modern world is geared to speed. It’s such a shopworn bromide, perhaps you didn't realize that Speed Kills. Or perhaps you just forgot. Everytime I catch myself speeding out of control, I think of Tolstoy's wistful admonition: "In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around you.” It may seem counterintuitive, but speed is actually bad for you. At the very least, take a few moments in your work to do a few simple exercises: Breathe deeply and be completely still, so still you cant hear yourself inhale or exhale. Try ir several times a day, in a quiet place, at work if you can find one, at home, away from everything and everyone.

Stillness is the Key to Self-Realization

One of the keys to achieving stillness is managing your diet correctly. If you can't go on a 100% raw diet, at least alkalize your body. It's acid foods that cause illness. What's more, an acid body leads to a hectic stress-intensive lifestyle. The way to counter this is by changing your diet from acid to alkaline — pH balancing.

How do you know if you're acid or alkaline? It's as easy as taking your blood pressure or temperature. With convenient test strips, a pH test takes two minutes. In fact, doctors should test their patients' pH at check in, along with blood pressure and temperature. It's just as important.


"Be quick, but don't hurry.” ~ John Wooden

Bodybuilding has its limits. It is not the means of creating a super race. In fact, over-musculation is deleterious. Just look at the increasing injuries among professional athletes. They're wound tighter, they run faster, they hit harder, and they breakdown quicker. Sometimes throwing out a knee, or even break a bone, is caused just by attempting to lengthen a stride, not by an impact hit from another player. As I eventually found out and wrote about in Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time:

"Meditation is more powerful than bodybuilding. Meditation works from the inside-out; bodybuilding works from the outside-in. It supplies no vital growth energy. In fact, it uses it up. The more I lifted weights, the more I reinforced my deformity. The more force I applied, the more deformed I became. No, I have to finesse my body and neither bodybuilding nor any other method, including Yoga, will work. Only the restorative meditation I practice can rewind my being backwards to the moment of the splinter, and then run it forward again. To reunite with my perfect body I have to reopen the nerve conduits that were blocked off. And that means absolute stillness of the kind meditation requires.

"Early in The Secret of the Golden Flower, on the first page in fact, lies this innocent phrase: 'action in order to attain non-action.' I’ve passed over it many times without realizing what it means. This deceptively simple phrase is the root purpose of meditation, the most powerful principle in the universe. Supreme power is stillness; stillness is supreme power."

Learning to slow down your breath is the key to awakening Kundalini. Once you are able to sit in a quiet room without hearing your breath as you inhale and exhale, you are on track to producing the requisite breath~energy for activating Kundalini. That is the power of absolute stillness, the power you will use to alter your consciousness. When you meditate, don't think about the end result or the expected outcome. If you can eliminate expectations — in other words, train yourself to think of the process as an exercise with no purpose or goal — you can rid yourself of doubts about any false signals you're receiveing. Breathe until you reach the place of absolute stillness. You'll receive signals from your body that you can rely on.

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