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After years of living with Kundalini, many practitioners develop sudden creative outlets such as painting, writing, composing, film making. Like the Richard Dreyfuss character in Close Encounters, who, after his Kundalini-like close encounter, became enthralled by a recurring image in his mind's eye, Kundalini adepts are drawn to forms of self-expression we never previously considered or showed any interest in.

Over time, Kundalini exerts a neuroplastic influence on the brain, triggering new and rejuvenating old synapses, preparing them for newly found means of expression both in the physical and the metaphysical realms. My personal means of self-expression is photography. I don't have a lot of time for it nor have I attained great heights, but I try to shoot as much as possible. Only through practice do I progress. it's not enough to rely on Kundalini for inspiration and mastery; I have to work at it.


Winding Mountain Road, Trinity Alps

Although Kundalini has given me a better understanding of light and shadow and composition, I generally lag behind in setting the dials for exposure and focus because, even with today's near fully automatic cameras, that takes practice, and there are so many dials to set and menu levels to navigate.

What's more, before I activated my Kundalini, I was not a very good writer. Fortunately, I went to good schools where they drilled grammar into me. At the time, I was unable to apply it, didn't much understand its relevance and was often unable to put the various, seething impulses inside me into any kind of perspective. Later, while first practicing Golden Flower Meditation, I began keeping a journal, which I used in writing Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time. It was during that period that it all came back to me: grammar, syntax, voice, structure — and I was able to put it all together. I credit Kundalini with giving me the ability to synthesize.


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Life Force Books has just published the first book in their Greater Awareness Fiction Department. These books are not "spiritual" how-to books; they are books by authors who have activated Kundalini and, as a consequence, seek to express themselves artistically. Our first title, The Shooting Case, is by author Cliff Terrell, an old friend of JJ Semple's.

Cliff Terrell is a pioneer in Greater Awareness Fiction, which he sees as a combining of the sacred and the profane. "As long as we inhabit bodies, we will be pushed and pulled by the arbitrary urges our bodies subject us to. The ways each individual stands up to these urges defines our soul's journey — how close we come to transcendence during a given lifetime. We may start at the very edge of degradation and despair, yet over many iterations of Being we get on track. Since all matter is connected on the energy level, it's meaningless to think of 'spirituality' as only the domain of the elite. Even our most barbaric acts teach us something about refining our Beings. For instance, all violence is self-hate. We know when we hurt someone. The violence we direct at others is really directed at ourselves. Unfortunately, we take it out on others because we are too cowardly to direct it towards our own selves. Our task is to realize and manage this over time."

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Before his Kundalini awakening, Terrell never wrote more than a one-page high school essay. He is currently working on two more Greater Awareness Fiction books. Life Force Books looks forward to publishing his works. Give The Shooting Case a whirl.

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