The Biology of Consciousness (Part 2)

There’s An Accident… (excerpted from Deciphering the Golden Flower)

"A seven-year-old boy is rushed to the hospital. His parents spare no expense: the best care, the finest doctors, and soon life is back to normal. Months later, however, when he returns to school, there are ominous signs, such as the sudden erosion of his cognitive abilities. Can there be a link to the accident? No one, including his parents, believes so. Yet the signs are unmistakable. At first he just feels different. Gradually, however, he watches his body change—his looks, his abilities, his personality, every part of him—until as a teenager, he realizes he’s no longer the same person. Only after years of failure does he discover a secret resource within his body that enables him to understand how the accident affected him.

"I am that boy, and I still have trouble believing there was a link between that accident and my subsequent implosion. But a link there was. My conscious mind tried to suppress it. Yet, as I grew older, more concerned about my health and the direction of my life, I started to investigate. I read many books, tried many remedies, and talked to many wise people. All to no avail. It took me more than thirty years of Yogic practice to discover the hidden capabilities of my body.

"My story begins at birth, or, more accurately, just before conception. We are all perfect at that split-second moment before conception. Of course, like a building before the foundation is laid, at that moment our beings are only blueprints. These blueprints — the numinous plans laid out for our incarnation — are perfect. At the moment of conception — the moment the egg is fertilized by the sperm — the body begins to take shape. It’s the moment when, were we able to stand over our perfect blueprints, we might wonder if they can be executed as designed. That’s the job of the Life Force. The Life Force has many names: Kundalini, sublimation, Tantra, alchemy, serpent power, primordial energy, cosmic power, Qi, Reiki, and Primal Spirit. Until the moment of birth, the Life Force controls our substantiation. The moment we are born we become conscious and our natural life force becomes inactive. After we’re born, something always seems to interfere with our continued growth. We get sick, accidents occur, we become addicted, we grow older, our bodies break down. It’s not that things can’t happen while we are in the womb, they can. By and large, however, our time in the womb is peaceful. But after we are born, the frequency of interference increases because that’s when we start doing things to ourselves. That’s when we bring our will, or lack of it, to bear. That’s when the serious damage is done.

St Jean Doorway

Saint-Jean-de-la...: The house where JJ Semple practiced GFM

"Most of the time we just go on living. What else is there to do? That’s the irony of the Life Force: just when we need it most, it becomes dormant. If only the blueprint could have been realized without interference — the operative expression being realized without interference. By that I mean without some stimulus altering the growth process.

"There are two types of stimuli: those under our control and those beyond our control. For example, most birth defects are beyond our control. They occur in many ways, from genetic imperfections to externally induced toxic chemicals to harmful vaccinations to illness or addiction in the expectant mother’s body. The pathology of stimuli outside our control is beyond the scope of this article. Not being a pathologist, I don’t know much about them. I do, however, know about the stimuli under my control. I’ve explored them at length during the struggle to return my body to its original symmetrical state.

"The stimuli under our control are the substances we ingest, the ideas we adhere to, the influences, forces and conditions we subject ourselves to, the addictions we form, the choices we make. From the moment we’re born, any one of thousands of stimuli — within or out of our control — can alter our growth, assuring degrees of deviation from the blueprint for our unique bodily substantiation. 

"If it’s under our control, we are responsible. In any case, responsible or not, because of the nature of life — its accidents and its addictions — we are at risk of deviating from the plan for our perfect body. It happened to me.

"Yet while it was happening, I never stopped yearning for the perfection I’d lost. Why? Because intuitively I sensed I was becoming someone else, someone other than whom I was meant to be. Of course, I didn’t realize I was growing away from my perfect body. In fact, I didn’t know I possessed a perfect body — one designed for me before my birth. Now that doesn’t mean I had short toes and two heads, it simply means I was not the individual I was meant to be. The degree of deformity is determined by the toxicity of the stimulus.

"I know it’s hard to believe. You may say: Who cares? I’m fine the way I am. As with everything, the degree of caring is relative. But suppose you realized you were growing away from your perfect body. How much would it bother you and how much effort would you expend to remedy the situation?”

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