Spoke and Wheel

The human potential movement can be compared to a wheel with many spokes, each leading to the center. Each spoke is a path, karmically matched to the person looking for the center. How do you find the path that's right for you? Assuming, that is, that all the spokes lead to the center and no spoke is weaker than any other. One weak spoke is as big a waste as a seeker on the wrong path.

And that's the beauty of life; many paths lead to the same destination. The trick is to find yours. And you know what? The search is part of the process. So don't rush it and don't think you have to do it before your fifteenth birthday because there's plenty of time.

Time to master life skills like problem solving, decision making, and self-reliance. Time to have a goal. Why do you want to activate Kundalini? Do you really know? Or are you just bouncing from one thing to another? Could it be you think it will help you overcome personal anxiety? Or depression? Make you a better person? Trigger occult powers? I had a goal: to correct the deleterious effects of a childhood injury. The goal morphed into a plan for activating Kundalini.

And when it happened, I realized Kundalini wasn't only about activating Kundalini; I had to learn to live with it, to integrate it into my daily life. I had to use it to improve my relations with others, to help me engage in mature interpersonal relationships, especially with my spouse or partner. It's a long, tiring journey from the rim to the center; you need all the life skills you can muster. All the support systems available. And that means acting and reacting to others as the Golden Rule dictates.

Not all paths are for you. Some are, especially the one that is yours. But some are not. In fact, you may be better off not taking any path than taking the wrong one. In the final reckoning, it's not questions and answers or intellectual analysis that will guide you but your heart — that little voice inside you. The one thing about that little voice — the more reliable you are, the better the voice will serve you. And that means life skills mastery: knowing right from wrong, listening to your body, treating others as you would be treated.


Look back at your life. Are there no Karmic milestones?

The Center must hold, but a Wheel is only as strong as its Spokes. You will find your path, if you can find your Center. And when you do, you will realize that you have been on this path of illumination not by chance, but as part of a plan for your self-actualization.

Look back into your life. Are there no Karmic milestones?

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