Stephen Hawking is Wrong; So is Jerry Falwell

This energy continuum — the Primal Spirit as it’s called in The Secret of the Golden Flower — is a reflection in us of Nature’s undivided entirety."

~ JJ Semple

The argument between atheists (no-God) and fundamentalists (God) is the wrong argument. Each represents an extreme too far out of range to prove or disprove. That's why this argument is a never-ending, round robin of useless polemics. However, there is pragmatic, utilitarian ground relevant to this subject and that's why we need to substitute the following language: Is there any proof that a subtle, metaphysical dimension (an energy continuum) exists? It's a hypothesis that lies halfway between the God and no-God positions, and, if not easy to prove, at least has anecdotal evidence to support its validity. As of now, there is neither anecdotal nor scientific evidence to support the claims of the other two arguments. There is only opinion, bolstered as it were, by a lot of high-flying rationalist gymnastics.

I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail. There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark."

~ Stephen Hawking

Sounds like Stephen Hawking was one of those afraid-of-the-dark people he denigrates. I know I was. Most people are, especially as children. Whether they continue being afraid of the dark as adults, a condition he seems to find unacceptable, depends on circumstances. I can think of moments that made me afraid and I'm not afraid to say so. What has this to do with the topic under discussion? Only that no matter how brilliant the mind of Stephen Hawking, he is still influenced by emotion and it would seem that he must have quite a few negative emotions, given the condition of his body. Yes, he's a genius; we know all that, but how much of his thinking is influenced by his physical condition? Enough to be hostile to the whole idea of God? Enough to try to tear down supporting constructs with ridicule and vehemence? I wouldn't be surprised. After all he seems to have undergone the trials and tribulations of Job. But does he have the humility or the patience of Job?

All this to say that many of the people who argue against the existence of God can't help being influenced by early life situations (religious training, family myth, intellectual influences, general indoctrination) to the point of strong and bitter reaction. I take a more common sense approach, an approach that I can verify with my own senses. I have never seen, heard, or felt any indications that an anthropomorphic God exists, but I have had real experience in the energy continuum, which I shall document further on, and about which there is enough evidence to at least keep an open mind.

This link examines the changing attitudes on God among four age groups from 1987 to 2012.

It’s one thing to believe in God; another to be able to prove God’s existence. Neither the 68%, who still believe in God, nor the 32%, who do not, can provide any proof. Funny so many people — whether it’s split 50-50 or 68-32 — like to believe or disbelieve something they've never really investigated or have any proof of.

On the other hand, there are thousands of accounts of Near Death Experiences (NDE) and Kundalini Experiences (KE) that reveal an energy continuum outside the present bounds of material science. What's so special about these accounts? Why should we take them seriously? They occur irrespective of culture, language, geographic, or religious influences. In other words, yes, they are anecdotal, but, at the same time, asynchronous, disconnected in time and space. In fact, so disconnected it would indicate that the subjects (the individuals undergoing the experience) were in no way influenced by others undergoing similar experiences. Similar enough for a serious investigator to:

  • Keep an open mind about the subject,
  • Work at proving/disproving the hypothesis of an energy continuum.

Pacific Ocean Foggy Beach View, Trinidad, CA

Strange that the proponents of the two sides (God vs no-God) don't have enough objectivity to see they cannot, at least in the near future, either prove or disprove their pet hypotheses and thereby wind down the rhetoric in order to study phenomena that have been occurring for a long time, namely NDE and KE.

Kundalini is a release of energy from the base of the spine that relentlessly moves through the physical and subtle bodies with its own intelligently motivated agenda. This agenda is to bring all aspects of the human metabolism (both physical and subtle) into a state of wholeness. This energy does this through a process of renovating the physical and subtle bodies to modify or remove anything that may be an obstacle to wholeness. Kundalini discerns its own path and method, separating the wheat from the chaff. This modification will include all or many of our false beliefs, values and assumptions, even those that were previously important to us."

~ Mehru Danda

The Bible alludes to various characters conversing with God, yet in the years since it was written it has become a sign of madness should an individual disclose he/she had "talked with God." On the other hand, it's quite common for individuals to disclose Kundalini awakenings, Out of Body Experiences (OBE), or Near Death Experiences without feeling disapproval or condemnation.

What About the Energy Continuum?

So what is this energy continuum I mentioned? Well, you could read a book like The Future of the Body by Michael Murphy (of Esalen Institute fame) that categorizes paranormal experience. Or you could interview the individuals who had the experiences I alluded to. Or you could settle for the meager set of effects that occurred during and/or since my Kundalini awakening. I have:

  • awakened an esoteric sub-system (kundalini), a bio-chemical network that manufactures elixirs and distills extracts, then uses them for neural and biophysical regeneration,
  • experienced out-of-body travel,
  • seen inside my brain,
  • witnessed my solar plexus pull apart and emit a force field of energy that traveled outside my body to my brain,
  • watched Kundalini energy repair a deformation in my body that resulted from a childhood accident.
  • Watched it use a blueprint of my perfect body to accomplish this (a blueprint it was able to summon, that had been saved in some sort of DNA storage form should the occasion for future use arise).

These are some of the effects of my Kundalini awakening; I purposefully leave out the more mystical aspects and concentrate on the experiences taking place in my body. Yes, you can say that these were induced by brain activity and were not related to the energy continuum I spoke of. But why did nothing like this ever happen prior to my Kundalini awakening? Why are these phenomena perceived to be happening if they're not? By so many far-flung, disparate subjects? What motivates them to make it up? Why should an atheist like myself start seeing a biological subsystem inside my body suddenly become active, and observe that its activity actually extends beyond the confines of the body?

And what about the blueprint? The only hypothesis I can come up with is that this blueprint is created at some time — a split second? — before conception and it remains in intact in some ethereal computer-like storage connected to our individual beings. It is there and it is perfect, and it can be accessed if, for some reason, the body starts to deform, due to some harmful or pernicious stimuli. All of which means that if a deformation in the course of growing up does occur, this blueprint can be summoned through a Kundalini awakening and subsequently used to re-conform the body to perfect dimensions of the primal blueprint. How does this occur? Kundalini uses the nervous system to channel vital energy to the affected regions which this energy then heals and restores to its predestined, preordained state.

What proof do I have? I have lived with this condition now for forty years, watched it operate on a daily basis. I know it to be true. We have a great storehouse of neuroplastic energy inside us, capable of replenishing the brain and reinvigorating the body. Although we have lacked a standardized means of activating it, over the last ten years, interest in Kundalini has increased exponentially, generating enough critical mass to justify serious research.

Kundalini is NOT a Belief System

There are many accounts — and many different names — for energy explosions, whether cultivated or spontaneous: from kundalini to near death experience, from astral projection to expanded consciousness. And we're not talking about visions, but about an energy continuum, accessible with the proper training during a single lifetime. Just remember if you do awaken kundalini, it's because a biological process you triggered, flooded the brain with vital, life-force energy.

It's not about words or rationalizations; in fact, words only get in the way, and that's why all the Stephen Hawkings and the Jerry Falwells, glib wordsmiths though they may be, get nowhere. They don't have the patience to practice; they prefer an off-the-cuff, motormouth approach. And you know what? It works for the most part because people prefer opinionated sound bites to investigation and hard work. They think they can “believe” something into actuality, or inversely simply by “disbelieving” something, deny its palpable factuality. Kundalini is NOT a belief system; it’s a physical reality.

The dictionary definition of Faith? The one I consulted reads:

faith, noun

1 he justified his boss's faith in him: trust, belief, confidence, conviction; optimism, hopefulness, hope. ANTONYMS mistrust.

A circular definition if I ever saw one — defining A in terms of B and B in terms of A, and hoping people accept it. Don't like Faith, use Belief? Don't like Belief, use Faith, and so on. And that's really the problem with both sides — ignoring the more provable hypothesis in order to keep pounding shallow arguments like "that's why we call it faith" and "There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers.” Want another word — a more concrete denotation — for the words, faith and belief? Opinion! Religious faith and belief, like the beliefs of the nouveau atheists are really — after you boil it down to basics — little more than opinions.

Scientists and Religionists: Why not get off your butts and start an empirical investigation of Kundalini, using your bodies as laboratories? You might be surprised.

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