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Science & Spirituality explores the interface between the physical and metaphysical worlds. This may sound like more new age mumbo-jumbo. That’s not the case. Material science has reached the limits of known the physical world. The time has come to explore beyond the limits of the physical, into the metaphysical — The Energy Continuum.

By metaphysical, we mean those dimensional layers (Astral and Causal bodies) that cannot be seen with the instruments of material science, yet are, nevertheless, recognized by many material scientists to exist, even though, for the moment, those scientists are unable to circumscribe the extent and exact nature of those dimensions.

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To investigate the metaphysical dimension, we need a new type of scientist, one versed both in science and spirit. A Life Force Scientist, who's not afraid to use the body as a laboratory, experimenting on their own beings as well as the physical world around them. Sound strange? Not if you realize that the Buddha, Jakob Böhme, Lao Tse, Gopi Krishna were metaphysical scientists, using the same empirical methods employed in scientific laboratories. So were Louis Pasteur, and Dr. Barry Marshall, the man who exposed himself to the bacteria causing ulcers in order to prove he had found a cure.

Ultimately, metaphysical scientists are not content to limit their knowledge to the known physical world; they are driven to explore the world beyond the world around them, to apply the same observational skills used in the physical world to the metaphysical. That means testing self-realization techniques/methods in the laboratory of the body and cataloging them. Who says that the same "scientific method" used for exploring the material world cannot be used to explore the non-material world?

Peer Review

No journal of Kundalini~Life Force Science exists. It is the purpose of this site to act as a station for peer review. If anyone has an alternate explanation, description, or clearer way of expressing the ideas and topics presented on these pages (including the GFM method), it is hoped he/she will suggest it. The easiest way to do this is to start a thread on The Golden Flower Forum, where individuals of various persuasions comment on their Kundalini, sublimation, and/or meditation experiences.

There are so many different teachings and methods, which should be a good thing, yet very little collaboration, very little attempt to get together to iron out the various issues surrounding Kundalini, sexual sublimation, and meditation. I would love to see this change. After all, the meditation techniques employed by the ancients have endured for centuries. Shouldn't that tell us something about the efficacy, and the efficiency, of such methods? That some of our oldest scientific discoveries have stood the empirical test of time?

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