The Blueprints of our Physical Bodies 

"We are all perfect at the split-second moment before conception, a magic moment when consciousness becomes flesh. Of course, like a building before the foundation is laid, at that moment our beings are only blueprints. These blueprints — the numinous plans for our incarnation — are perfect. At the moment of conception — the moment the egg is fertilized by the sperm — the body begins to take shape. It’s the moment when, were we able to stand over our perfect blueprints, we might wonder if they can be executed as designed. From the moment we’re born, any one of thousands of stimuli — within or out of our control — can alter our growth, assuring degrees of deviation from the blueprint for our unique bodily substantiation.

"After activating the Kundalini-Life Force, I was able to see the blueprint of my perfect body and compare it to my altered state. Amazingly, the Life Force recognized my deformity and immediately began to correct it. I witnessed it slowly reshape my body to the exact proportions in the blueprint. So — and this requires a leap of logic — if I could see the original design for my body and it was perfect in every way, there must be some sentient agency that created this design. And even though my growth took a detour on account of my deformity, the blueprint continued to exist in some ethereal computer-memory-like storage, waiting for the day that I might learn of its existence and find a way back to it.

"Happily, GFM, the method of meditation I practiced, restored my deformed body to its original state, and, in so doing, proved both the existence of the blueprint and the restorative power of the Kundalini-Life Force. This sounds an awful lot like Intelligent Design, doesn’t it? A permanent blueprint of our beings and a mechanism within the body capable of restoring it to its intended state."

   ~ Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time - JJ Semple

I suppose many readers pass over the above without a second thought. One reader, however, challenged me to explain my words when he posted this inquiry on the Golden Flower Forum, "Dear JJ: How does a person access their blueprint? It's not clear from your book."

I got to thinking, and I had to agree: It isn't clear, but not because my description is poor — it's the best I can do — but because you can't see the mountaintop until you're on top of the mountain.

So what's the real issue? For one, the only way to describe a phenomenon like this is by liberal use of imagery: "perfect body," "template shroud," "sentient agency," "bodily substantiation (incarnation)," "permanent blueprint?" Two, we have to determine what this blueprint is before we can talk of accessing it.

Playing With Kundalini - the snake

Don’t Play With Kundalini

I don't know any way of explaining this without using more imagery. The problem is this is not something that can be explained rationally. No words suffice or exist for those who have not experienced the energy continuum. So I won't compound the difficulty by adding more imagery.

I was able to see two separate bodies, one, my actual physical form; the other, my intended form which lay over my physical body like a template shroud. I didn't actually see it so much as sense it surrounding me, vibrating at a different frequency. I knew it was there; I knew it was perfect; I knew the physical body was going to be stretched to fit this causal body. So how did I know it? I could just as easily ask how the person who asked me doesn't know it.

You can't get to the state that allows you to perceive the blueprint until you complete all parts of the GFM method. I can tell you about it, I do in my book, but you shouldn't rely on me. In fact, the more you rely on third party outside sources like me, the less likely you are to actually experience this process as anything more than an intellectual exercise. A big part of the method is the necessity of validating everything you see, hear, and feel — whether you hear it from me or anyone else. An even bigger part is practicing the method until you become a trained observer of inner activity. Practice the method — all parts, all steps — as per the instructions. When you do succeed, you won't have to ask this question: you will have answered it the only way possible — by hard work and practice. Only then can you expect to experience the effects described herein.

Like a Hopper Painting lighting

Late Night Eats - Girls à la Edward Hopper

What's more, there are no guarantees in this work, you shouldn't expect them. Success (whatever that is)* depends on your Karma, your efforts, your conditioning, and the method you use. Is GFM is the only method that induces permanent Kundalini? No, there are other methods and I encourage you to explore them. However, I can vouch for GFM; I can't vouch for any other method.

Sensing the blueprint and seeing the inner workings of my being only occurred after I was deeply into the process, i.e., months and months of working at it. It's not a question of fairness, that I can see it, but you can't. It's a question of practice and training; there’s nothing to prevent you from succeeding. 

If you play around with a lot of methods, you may have had some Kundalini experiences. The question is: are they viable enough for you to witness the inner workings of your being?

*You should have a goal and a roadmap; many individuals don't; they dabble and flail about, then wonder why they're not successful. Success is dependent on many factors. If there was a magic Kundalini elixir, that would be great, but as of now, there isn't. The best way to find out about the design for your Being is to practice. 

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