The Backward-Flowing Method

How It Works

When you detect the sensation of movement in the lower belly as you breathe (after practicing GFM for 100 days), you are ready to initiate the backward-flowing method. What is it that moves? It is more a sensation than a substance that moves in the lower belly, a sensation that may be perceived as breath or energy or breath energy. Whatever its composition, it has the properties of movement and direction. You will perceive it as a sensation, something you can feel, but not actually touch, hear, or see. This sensation may be perceived differently by individual practitioners. That's the reason it's difficult to express with everyday language. I perceived it as a current of air in the lower belly, but now I'm convinced after many years of reflection and years of listening to various accounts, that it is not air or breath, but an etherized or distilled form of sexual energy. Where does this energy come from? Is it breath? Is it energy? Is it breath energy? It's the result of Diaphragmatic Deep Breathing DDB, the catalyst of the sublimation process — the fact that you are starting to harness your energies instead of wasting them.

Golden Flower Meditation Animation featuring The Backward-Flowing Method

Diaphragmatic deep breathing is the key to stabilizing the heart rate, but the key to causing the energy to flow upward to the brain is the backward-flowing method. It, too, works like pump-priming. Reversing the direction of the breath energy begins the process of drawing distilled seminal fluid up the spinal column.

I like to call it breath energy because it's the effect that correct breathing practices have on the body's sexual fluids; correct breathing starts the sublimation process, in other words, a distillation process. Sexual fluids are transformed into pure pranic energy by diaphragmatic breathing practices. In other words, semen or cervical fluids are distilled into pure pranic energy. This movement in the lower belly is a sensation you have probably never felt before. You will either feel it or you won't. If you don't, I encourage you to continue practicing until you feel the breath energy circulating. If you do feel it, read on. I will explain how the backward-flowing method works. The purpose of the backward-flowing method is to divert this breath energy (the distilled seminal fluid or, in the case of a woman, the distilled cervical fluid) to the brain. If you thought it had any other purpose, you were mistaken. This is the Secret of Life — plain and simple.

The question most people ask after What is the backward-flowing method? is How does it work? The backward-flowing method is a process with a beginning, a middle, and an end. And like any process, it has to proceed step-by-step in proper order, like a scientific experiment. The first step is to reverse the breath. Reversing the breath triggers step two: drawing the distilled seminal fluid up the correct channel in the spine. It ensures that the process will unfold correctly, without harming or frightening the practitioner.

Some respondents ask me what’s so special about restorative Golden Flower Meditation. They say any number of serious meditation methods include some sort of sublimation process. And they’re right; some do. The difference is that the backward-flowing method works by drawing the distilled seminal fluid (breath-energy) up the spinal column, not by thinking or visualizing it. What do I mean by drawing? I’ve been asked that question many times. This is a very subtle technique whose implementation begins only at the moment when a practitioner perceives that this breath-energy has the property of direction. This occurs in the lower belly.

Although the backward-flowing method is the key to making it all work, it’s a big step to consider, because there’s no turning back. Using Golden Flower Kundalini Meditation to activate the Life Force is a restorative process — physically, mentally, spiritually—for me and for the ancients who studied and practiced this method in the past, as well as for modern practitioners. Yet, it is a life-changing step. It will affect your being from body to mind, from eating habits to sexual nature. The pranic breath energy (distilled seminal fluid) will be diverted to the brain and used to create a new being with a rejuvenated body and an aptitude for greater metaphysical exploration and understanding. Once the process is underway — the distilled seminal fluid is diverted to the brain — sexual activity and even procreation have a debilitating effort, at least during the first phase. The brain needs a constant supply of this pranic breath energy, so you must conserve it.

Receiving signals from the body and the ability to interpret them is crucial to your success. Detecting the properties of movement and direction is a perfect example of this type of signal. If you practice regularly, master diaphragmatic deep breathing, learn to slow your breath down until you can’t hear it, you will be able to control your metabolic responses — heart rate, etc. Your being will reach a state of total stillness during meditation, a state of permanent attentiveness, a state of inner visualization, the point where breath takes over being. You will be able to observe sensations inside your body. These phenomena are real occurrences. In The Future of the Body, Murphy points to them as examples of the metanormalities of everyday life.

When you become aware of this activity — that the breath energy in your belly has the properties of movement and direction — it will put you on notice that the time has come to decide whether you want to continue. Should you decide to go forward, all you have to do is command this pranic energy to change directions. It will obey. It will appear to you that you have changed the direction of the flow of air in your breathing. Instead of moving down the back and up the front, you will command it to move down the front and up the back — the backward-flowing method!

How does “commanding the breath to change directions” work? Recently, a young woman started a dialogue about it over the Internet. She came up with the phrase “directed intention.” It’s a phrase I think works well to describe the process.

Many people have asked me when they can expect this sensation/activity to occur. Many ask why it hasn’t already happened for them. They even say they think it might be happening, but they aren’t sure that they are able to recognize it. They ask me to help them.

I tell people that it usually happens about 100 days into the meditation practice, but before it happens, they must master each step, each technique in turn. In other words, there are a certain number of dependencies. How can an individual expect to be able to detect the property of direction in the flow of air in the lower belly if he hasn’t slowed down his breath to the point of absolute stillness? If you do not hear your breath, you become that much more able to “feel” it, to become one with it. Once you become one with it, you can direct it.

But you must master deep breathing completely to the point where inhalation and exhalation become totally still. How long will it take to master deep breathing to the point where you observe the aforementioned “property of movement”? Whether it takes 100 days or 365 days, if you want to succeed, you’ll have to continue until you can breathe without hearing your breath. Silent on inhalation; silent on exhalation.

As for me telling you if the activity has begun or telling you when it might begin, I can’t do that. It’s up to you to learn to communicate with your body. What I can say is that if you progress through the breathing exercises and learn to listen to your breathing cycle, you will eventually detect the property of movement, as if the air in your belly is moving. In fact, you will become aware of the slightest occurrences within your body.

Why is drawing the distilled seminal fluid (sexual energy) up the spinal column superior to thinking or visualizing or forcing it up the spinal column? Those methods can cause the distilled seminal fluid to go up the wrong channel, a condition that may induce severe pain or cause other problems. In Kundalini: The Evolutionary Energy in Man, Gopi Krishna explores this issue in depth.

The backward-flowing method never lets this happen. Why? Because, once again, it’s like pump-priming. Changing the direction of the breath energy kicks off the sublimation process, opening the reservoir of seminal fluid and sending its distilled essence on its way up the proper channel. It’s a seamless, imperceptible, hand-shaking process — the breath slowly drawing the seminal fluid out of its reservoir, distilling it, and sending it up the spinal column.

The whole process is a series of dependencies. Step one “allows” the next step to proceed without adversely affecting the process or the results, which are 1) Kundalini activation; and 2) Life Force energy arousal. However, one cannot reverse the breath energy without first detecting the property of movement in the flow of air in the lower belly (another dependency).

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