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What is Kundalini? Kundalini meditation energy is the formative, biological Life Force energy dormant in our bodies. Formative in the sense that it creates our very shape and substance in the womb, dormant because it becomes inactive at the moment of birth, unless reactivated by practicing an authoritative method — the backward flowing method. Because most people don’t realize that the Kundalini~Life Force resides within them, most people will never reactivate it or experience a Kundalini awakening.

If you've just had a Kundalini experience, you're going to keep looking for something that validates it. Well, you've found it. A source for information about the experience itself and the aftermath — how to accept it, how to live with it. Clear, concise Kundalini information is lacking; that's the purpose of this site. Safe, reliable, permanent, Kundalini activation info.

An active Kundalini Repairs a Lifetime of Self-inflicted Damage. Think of Kundalini as a warranty you misplaced long ago, a lifetime warranty you forgot about. And now the product that was once so easy to use, the product you depended on, is worn out. You’d like to trade it for a new one. What product am I talking about? Your body! I’ll bet you don’t realize your body has a warranty. Well, it does, and it’s still valid. In fact, you can use it at any age. It’s called Kundalini.

Why is Kundalini so Misunderstood?

Up to now self-styled holy men and gurus have tried to persuade us that the Kundalini expanding consciousness processes (and its principle technique: the backward-flowing method) was something only they, so-called spiritual adepts, had access to. Only by becoming a follower or by joining a certain cult could the individual be initiated into the secret rites surrounding Kundalini — and that, only as long as they were willing to pay. Now, suppose You realized the Life Force energy responsible for your bodily substantiation was still inside you, that you were capable of reactivating it. That's the purpose of this website: to provide information on the hidden potential within each one of us.

The Kundalini Gopi Krishna wrote about isn't the province of religion; it's a scientific fact. In fact, Kundalini spiritual consciousness came first; religion is only an attempt to explain or co-opt it. The Kundalini energy transference process is included in the body to serve an evolutionary purpose. If it didn't serve a purpose, it wouldn’t be there. Evolution would have eliminated it.

First and foremost, Kundalini is a practical tool for self-healing, natural living, and heightening consciousness. It’s that simple. Early on, Kundalini meditation and Kundalini Yoga techniques were practiced by mystics, those rebels unhappy with the constraints of religion, iconoclasts inspired by the challenge of extending consciousness. Rebels like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Lao Tse, and Milarepa. Writers like Gopi KrishnaRichard BuckePD Ouspensky.

Why does Kundalini Shut Down at Birth? We are all perfect at that split-second moment before conception. Of course, like a building before the foundation is laid, at that moment our beings are only blueprints. These blueprints — the numinous plans laid out for our substantiation — are perfect. At the moment of conception — the moment the egg is fertilized by the sperm — the body begins to take shape. It’s the moment when, were we able to stand over our perfectly drawn blueprints, we would wonder if they could be executed as designed. That’s the job of Kundalini, the Life Force. Until the moment of birth, it controls our growth. The moment we are born we become conscious and Kundalini — our natural life force — becomes inactive. After birth, of course, something always interferes. We get sick, accidents occur, we become addicted, we get older, our bodies break down. Most of the time we just go on living. What else is there to do? That’s the irony of Kundalini: just when we need it most, it becomes dormant. If only the blueprint could have been realized without interference! If only my body had a warranty! Well, it DOES!

How does Kundalini Work? The key to a Kundalini awakening is sexual sublimation, the alchemical process of distilling seminal fluid and diverting it to the brain. That's right, to raise Kundalini one must repurpose sexual energy. This process is described in Deciphering the Golden Flower One Secret at a Time.

Once reactivated, Kundalini inventories the body and replenishes worn out and damaged neural systems by streaming vital growth energy to the afflicted area, the same growth energy that shaped our bodies in the womb. Our bodies are like complex instruments, controlled by complex systems of communication. The most important of these is the nervous system. Kundalini uses the nervous system, with all its interconnecting channels, to convey vital energy to our extremities. And once the nerves are conditioned, the energy buildup becomes so great that even structural defects, deformities, and irregularities can be corrected.

Kundalini is so powerful its energy can actually be transferred via Kundalini Shaktipat meditation techniques. This may may only entail a temporary Kundalini awakening, but sometimes a glimpse is all you need to motivate you to practice a more long-lasting Kundalini meditation like GFM

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